Imagine the word “popcorn.” It has seven letters. Now imagine the letters start to tremble, some kernels begin flying out from behind it and you hear a “POP POP POP.” It’s not just a word anymore. Motion graphics are fascinating. They allow us to communicate with people beyond words. We use colors, sound effects, music and animation all in harmony to connect with people. An apple doesn’t only have to be an apple, it can have eyes that blink and legs that dance. A “1” can give you some attitude.

We’ve had the opportunity to help companies enhance their content with customized motion graphics. A recent example is a farm we worked with. They were looking for an engaging way to help people remember their new apple and pumpkin picking procedures. We created a visual step by step journey through the list. A wave of pumpkins transitioned the viewer from a countdown to the parking information. A tractor was leaving a trail of apples in its wake. Throughout the animation the motion was accented by sound effects. The video was topped off with a fun animated version of their logo. We are able to take a process, break it down to parts and highlight each in its unique own way.

Motion graphics go beyond fully animated explainer videos. They make up the opening credits of our favorite shows and share important information in documentaries. Almost every commercial ends with an animated logo. How can your business benefit from motion graphics?