Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. 

What are your prices?2021-04-11T23:36:16-04:00

That’s the million-dollar question. We acknowledge that every project is different. From the start, we scope a job based on the budget. To determine a proper fit, start a conversation by contacting David.

How long does it take?2021-04-11T23:35:53-04:00

Motion design is a multi-multidisciplinary art form, requiring intense planning and technical computer skills. Therefore we take on a select number of clients at a time. Generally, our projects take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Do you partner with other agencies?2021-04-11T23:35:24-04:00

Yes! We love working with other agencies. Marketing firms and website developers are great potential partnerships. Your clients need content. We make content!

What do you need to animate my logo?2021-04-11T23:35:01-04:00

As much a possible, a standard .png will get the job done. However, it would be great to get our hands on the editable files. A .jpeg will require a little more finessing, but anything is possible in the animation world.

Can I hire you for graphic design only?2021-06-09T10:04:27-04:00

Although we are a design company, our focus is on motion design. We bring your brand to life! Having worked closely with graphic designers, we can point you in the right direction. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Do you come up with the idea and script?2021-04-11T23:34:16-04:00

Most of the time, yes, getting everything approved by you each step of the way. However, we encourage involvement from our clients. The movie industry is collaborative, and all ideas have the potential to be great!

Do I have to be in the video?2021-04-11T23:33:53-04:00

Unlike a traditional video company, you do not NEED to be in our videos. If you choose to be, lucky we have the cinematic equipment needed for total production.

What do I do with the video?2021-06-09T10:05:22-04:00

Apply our videos to all aspects of marketing: email campaigns, websites, and social media. Our promo videos do great on a website’s front page or as a social media advertisement.

Do you also film and edit videos?2021-04-11T23:33:11-04:00

Yes! We are fully equipped and capable of pulling off any video production, from a cooking video to a multi-camera live webinar. Keep in mind, if we can tell the story using motion design, we will!

Do you make those whiteboard videos?2021-06-09T10:05:56-04:00

Not exactly. Those are run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter templates. We provide a similar service with our custom explainer videos. Starting from a blank page rather than a template, we ensure your brand will always be unique.

What is motion design?2021-06-09T10:06:58-04:00

A combination of animation, graphic design, video, and sound design. Eye-catching and thumb-stopping. It’s a great way to visualize information while engaging your audience

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