I see a worker unloading the ladder from his truck. His headphones are on, he’s wearing sunglasses, and sweat is starting to saturate his uniform.

Occasionally, during the day, I interact with someone who has a “regular job.” In the sense that they have a pre-structured work schedule, and in return, are routinely paid (ideally) a fair wage for their efforts.

This man leaves for work in the morning and can probably pinpoint when he walks back through his front door in the evening. When he comes back from work, maybe he picked the kids up. Maybe he will start dinner for the family. In any scenario, there is one guarantee that he leaves when his shift is over.

Why do I fantasize about the “regular worker?” Because this is life I’ve never known. My day-to-day life is the opposite of the sunglass-wearing headphone-listening ladder-getting guy. Technically my day starts when I say and ends when I say. Yes, some factors dictate certain hours and days, but ultimately, it is my decision when it comes down to it. I am responsible and stick to a strict work schedule. However, at any given moment, I can stop. I’ll stop for the day to hit the gym. Go grocery shopping. Sometimes we take the afternoon off to go paddleboarding.

Other than everything I just listed, what is the MAIN difference between the “regular worker” and me?—security.

Entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of security. If we want to keep the lights on, we must close deals and deliver on our promises. Getting out directly what we put in.

Why don’t I get a “regular” job? I’ll have security, a structured life balance, and time to focus on my hobbies.

Well, the few times I’ve been scheduled to work the next day, I wake up with a debilitating feeling. The feeling I’ve come to realize is a lack of freedom.

The ability to control my destiny by either striking it big or completely failing is freedom. Not knowing where my next client will come from but waking up every day with a drive to manifest them is freedom.

The feeling I have now, as my own boss, is a feeling I’ve fallen in love with. One that I would not trade for an armored castle with a mote full of crocodiles—security. (Maybe a fabulous castle would be worth it.)

If you’ve made it to the end of this, thank you. Your time is valuable, and I appreciate you spending a few minutes in my head. Please, comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. I’d also love to chat. (: —David@Purelyimagined.com