“During a novel coronavirus briefing, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the state will institute limits on mass gatherings” – March 12, 2020. We were setting up our cameras in the ceremony room, waiting for the bride. I read the article out loud as Allan prepped his microphone. We were minutes away from shooting a 500+ person wedding. Just another day at the office, except now it was illegal, and our lives were in danger. As we shot what would be our last wedding for months, we both contemplated the future. We have tons of editing that will carry us through all this craziness, we thought. We were wrong. All projects were put on hold. A day later, we were both on unemployment. 

I have never been one to mourn long. The past is the past. Learn from it, and move on. That is quite literally what we did. As we sat on a Zoom call, we had a million and one ideas on how to survive. “What about animation?” “We don’t need to be around anyone!” This was half a joke. How could we learn an entirely new industry and be successful in it?  Armed with unemployment cash, we bet on us. 20+ hours animation class; 40+ hours after effect class. Allan was unstoppable. Day in and day out, he studied. I noticed this and thought, why should I learn the same thing? Let me learn what he isn’t learning. Business, sales, marketing, relationships. What’s the point of having a skill if no one knows about it? We used the connections from our network to create our very first animation. – June 2020. Three months after our lives fell apart, we were on a new path; a colorful, squiggly path. Four months after our first video, we are all in. – October 2020. We are entrepreneurs. Nothing is going to stop us, not even a global pandemic. Our brand is becoming synonymous with animation. I spend my days hanging out with my best friend and business partner. Networking, brainstorming and watching cartoons. Our pivot proves there is always a way to succeed. You need to stay positive and think creatively. You are only one conversation away from Sparking a Purely Imagined thought!